January Faves


The first month of 2019 has already come to an end and I’m thinking hard just to figure out what exactly I did this month, how the days went by, and what “sparked joy” during this dreary, cold month.

I stayed indoors much of January except to go to and from school. It’s just been one of those seasons where the idea of bundling up to face the -20-degree weather is a little too much. There weren’t too many things to include but I guess that made it easier. In no particular order, I decided to make a small January favourites which are all listed below:

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Witch World

Witch World by Christopher Pike


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This book made me want to stop in so many places, and I even thought about quitting it altogether too, but I kept going back! I’m not sure if that’s a sign of a good book or just a confusing book but I’ve somehow finished it and am still uncertain whether I liked Witch World or not.

In the spirit of trying to read more and not judging a book based on its first few chapters, I pushed through Witch World. Even after the character implied she wasn’t like other girls, or we discovered that she was “special”…it definitely took some effort on my part.

Witch World wasn’t a five star for me, but I have to say it was a surprising book with an interesting concept and a layered storyline. It follows Jessie Ralle as she joins her class on her high school grad trip to Las Vegas. There, Jessie’s about to discover who she really is, why she’s always felt so “different”, and why her life has led her down the road it has.

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Time Flies…

New Year Books

How time flies, it’s a whole new year and I’m sat here wondering where to begin? Since July, I went on my mini grad trip, celebrated my birthday, roller coasted emotionally, started the first semester in a new chapter of my life, had a couple existential crises, enjoyed time with family, and didn’t update TOB at a l l. My lack of organization is partially to blame but also this massive period of book sobriety.

         The problem with creating a book blog is you actually have to read books in order to write about them, but the problem with me is that I have been having such a hard time finding a book I can actually get through without rolling my eyes, predicting the ending, or getting bored. Or all three.

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July Mood


I decided to skip the monthly favourites or monthly goals and opt for something to do with the mood of the month instead. If you’re a Tumblr native, you know the memes that get cranked out every month asking what the “mood” of the month is. This post has a few blurbs of my own-feelings for July. Some of them are personal and some of just felt like they belonged. I meant to post this while on my trip but unfortunately, I forgot to send myself the draft. That means the month is almost half over but nevertheless, I hope you enjoy them!

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Tropes-we love them, we hate them, and, especially with YA, we love to hate them. Tropes are themes or literary devices found throughout literature and television; any story ever told has some sort of common trope that defines the story or helps move the it along. I’ve always been a bookish child, consuming book after book without leaving any time to digest in between. Reading on that scale has introduced me to a variety of tropes and I’ve gotten to the point where I can see the awful ones coming from a mile away and avoid them, or snatch up the books with the tried and true tropes.

In today’s post I thought I would share three of my most loved and most despised tropes I’ve come across. Obviously, there are way more than three, but I think I would need multiple days to get them all down.

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Book Review: Chaotic Good


This is a story about all things nerdy-the (chaotic) good, the bad, and the ugly.  Cameron Fuller is a master at creating costumes with her sewing skills and creative imagination. Moving to the college town of Eugene the summer before senior year means three things: Cam can escape the cosplay drama from Portland’s Comicon, begin her CalArts portfolio in her new home studio, and find a way to fit into the bro-world of Eugene’s only comic store. Cam lives with a tough-love mother, a gentle father, and her twin brother Cooper who’s got a writing talent of his own. To alleviate her problems, Cam takes her twin brother’s advice, and disguises herself as a boy to fit in. By doing this, Cam is finally accepted into Eugene’s comic-book culture, meets a new group of nerdy, D&D-playing friends, and maybe gets a little too comfortable in her disguise. Things get complicated, feelings are involved, and the fabric of Cam’s world gets torn up and sewn back together again. This book was a quick and fun read, perfect for a chill afternoon. It managed to touch upon many topics thoroughly from cosplay to cyber-bullying (ie. Trolls) to gender and sexism in the nerd world to Nice Guys and finally, feeling comfortable in your skin.

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Five Books I Could Read Forever


Everyone has those books. They’re the books you fall back on any time you find yourself in a book slump. Or when you buy 11 new books but pick that one book off your shelf to re-read instead. They are worn and cracked in all the right places, they are the books we wish we wrote but glad we didn’t because-let’s face it-they wouldn’t be half as good. They’re the books that you would grab in the hypothetical “if your house was on fire, what would you grab” question because you could read them over and over and over and never get bored.

Today I’ll be introducing the top five books that I could read forever because with each time I read them, I fall in love a little more. So in no particular order, here they are:

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Feeling Inspired

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I have been blessed with a period of peace recently–my life is still very hectic, I’ve still got a midterm along with many assignments due every week and I recently did really bad and really good on two midterms I got back. But I have been feeling so much better internally. I feel myself more peaceful internally, things are settling in, and I just thought to document it before the feeling slips away.

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Peacoat Epiphany

It’s currently 16°C in Toronto, cloudy skies with a chill that reminds you to pull your coat close. I welcome this weather with open and layered arms because it has been too damn hot these past couple months and it’s autumn! It’s supposed to feel like autumn!

While deciding what to wear this morning (I was able to choose a pullover—finally!), I pulled out my peacoat to put on for the first time in months. It was odd, it sat in my closet for most of spring and for all of summer. It sat there while my house was in chaos getting prepared for a wedding, while I went to London and came home one sister short. It lay there while I coped all of August and started my fourth year in September. And I pull it out and put it on and it’s the same coat that kept me snug all those months ago. It’s the same coat a different version of me wore… Read More

Book Slumps and Autumn Goals

In the notes section of any bibliophile’s phone exists one in which we list all the book we’ve read during the year, any book recs we’ve been given and any books we want to review–at least until we can get it all onto our Goodreads account. As I was checking my own list recently, I realised that the last book I read was mid-August. Mid-August! That’s almost two whole book-less month!

Book slumps are the absolute worst thing to happen to any bookworm and it’s hard to break out of one–especially when you start school and there’s barely any time to read. With all the academic readings, sometimes we would much rather sit in front of a screen and watch old shows and veg out on everything you shouldn’t be eating after 9pm. During my winter semester, I really wanted to get back into the habit of reading so the days I had a late schedule I would make sure to get in a few chapters with breakfast. This semester, however, hit me like a train and I haven’t yet rolled to a stop. I’m still trying to catch my breath and I promise I’m not even procrastinating! (Not really anyway). This following week is my reading week, and I intend to use it for just that–reading alongside catching up on work and most importantly, taking a break.

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